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How it all works! What to expect when you choose HOLA Catering.

One of the most common questions I’m asked by clients is “How does it all work on the day of my event?” so I thought I would take the time to write this Blog post so potential clients can read how our services work and what exactly makes us.. Sydney’s best Paella Catering service!

I’ll be discussing one particular event that we catered late last year in which the client chose our Tapas & Paella Fiesta Package. Please note that we can create Custom Packages depending on your needs and budget. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or for a Quote.

At the Time of Booking Your Event

At the time of Booking the event and locking in the date, we require a $200 deposit.

This secures the date for your event exclusively. We also ask for basic details of your event such as the suburb it will be located, which type of package you would like, if it’s lunch or dinner and approx number of guests.

1 Week Prior to the Event

Guy will call you 1 week prior to your event to confirm guest numbers and other details such as Menu choices, event address and arrival time. An Invoice for the outstanding Balance is also sent through ready for payment.

We take this opportunity to discuss the specifics for your event including the area in which you would like us to setup. Typically we require 3m x 3m of space however we can setup in a smaller area if required. Depending on the Package chosen, we usually require access to 1 power point however we have long extension cords so it doesn’t have to be too close to the area we are setting up. We also have a Gazebo that we can use if requested, it is 3m x 3m in size.

The Day of Your Event

How exciting! It’s the day of your Event!

This event starts at 5pm as it’s an Engagement Party celebrated over dinner and drinks. The event is 30 people so I have myself, the Paella Chef on-site plus one Waiter to assist me and serve the guests.

(Typically we provide 1 Chef and 1 Waiter for events 20 – 40 people. We add extra Waitstaff for events +40 guests. We have a team of highly skilled Hospitality Staff so can also provide additional Waitstaff or Bar Staff at a cost of $60 per hour if you require - please let us know at time of Booking.)

We arrive at 4pm, 1hr prior to your guests to allow us plenty of time to setup and prepare the Complimentary Sangria Package to serve as a welcome drink as your guests arrive.

As guests start to arrive the Waiter offers a glass of Sangria to your guests. We also setup the Sangria dispenser on a side table for your guests to help themselves throughout the evening. The Sangria is served in disposable Wine glasses, however we can also use Wine glasses provided by the client if they prefer.

As your guests start to arrive and socialise, we begin serving our Famous Truffle Fries. These are delicious and great to nibble on as your guests arrive prior to starting the Tapas.

Once all of your guests have arrived we begin serving your 2 choices of Tapas, they’re served in eco-friendly disposable boats and in 2 courses, one after the other. We can also serve onto plates if the client prefers.

The waiter roams your event, serving the Tapas from the tray whilst answering any questions your guests may have regarding the Tapas such as ingredients etc. After serving all your guests (some with seconds!) the 2 Tapas, we place any extras on a table selected by the client so your guests can help themselves to more throughout the event. We also collect the Food rubbish continuously as we go, ensuring your event stays clean and tidy throughout.

We then begin the theatre of cooking the Paella!

Our Paella’s are cooked in Pans 1m wide so they look and smell fantastic. Typically we cook 2 types for each event however we can cook 3 types if requested. Our Paella is Gluten Free, Dairy Free and we have a Vegan option available. We can cater to all Food Allergies and Intolerances, please discuss this at the time of booking.

The Paella’s take about 40min to cook and is served in black Paella Pan plates. We can also serve onto plates or bowls provided by the client. Typically we serve the Paella in the same way as the Tapas, roaming your event and serving to your guests however we can also serve in a more formal sitting down setting if the client prefers.

Once everyone has finished their Paella we clear all the plates and rubbish away and begin serving Dessert, crispy hot Churros with melted Chocolate. These are a crowd favourite and the perfect way to complete the evening! We can also provide Strawberries with melted Chocolate if our client is wanting some variety rather than just Churros alone.

Leftovers of Paella are put into eco-friendly Take-Home Boxes and setup neatly at table for your guests to help themselves on their way out.

At the completion of the Dinner Service we again clear away any Food rubbish and ensure your venue is nice and clean prior to us packing up our equipment.

We also provide Napkins and Bamboo Forks, so there is nothing the client needs to provide for us - we want you to relax and enjoy the event!

For a free Quote or to Book HOLA Catering please call Guy 0418207244.

Our delicious Tapas and Paella Menu can be found on our website

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